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In Defense of Zeus (Or, the gods are more than their myths.

I was reading the internet the other day (seems like I'll never get through that thing!) and came across a post about Zeus. I won't specify the pos...

Brigid's Day

Where I live, the flowers are far from blooming, the trees nowhere near budding. The only ploughs we might be charming would be the snowplows, and ...

Spiritual Tools: Prayer Beads

First off, this is not a post about the history of prayer beads in paganism, because the use of prayer beads is not a historically attested practic...

Greek Gods, Roman Gods

There is a long, long history of equating the Greek and Roman deities. And it’s not without reason–the Romans did, in fact, take great parts of Gre...

An Offering to Asklepios

Asklepios, god of healing and patron of medicine, is among the kindest of the Greek gods. Historically he would accept any offering, no matter how small, and his temples were filled with […]

New Shop Item: Egyptian God Pendant Necklaces, Available by Special Order

The item pictured above is not available for sale right now–but I can make you one, or one like it featuring one of a number of other Egyptian gods! This is a […]

Pantheonic Ramblings

When I was growing up, books of mythology were always among my favorites. Often these books would include a list of gods, a “cast of characters” that comprised the pantheon of deities […]

Facets of Deity

I am a polytheist, which means that I feel that each god is a unique entity with their own unique character, but I also consider the gods in their full complexity to […]

Kalevala: Storytellers and the Survival of Myth in Finland

We don’t always have a lot of information about ancient myth and how it survived. Even when stories were relatively well-documented, as in the case of Greece and Rome, you can’t always […]

Answered Prayers: The Votive Formula

We can thank the Romans for a great deal of what we know about the gods of Britain, continental Gaul and Germania. Partly this has to do with surviving writings such as […]

An Introduction to Artemis

Artemis, sister of Apollo and also an archer, is known as a goddess of the hunt as well as of animals and wildlife. Her companions are the nymphs, with whom she dances […]

Proerosia, Chloeia, Antheia, Kalameia: Festivals of Growth

Modern pagans, whether or not we live where food is produced, do recognize the importance of agriculture and growth in sustaining our lives. Even when the process itself isn’t something we see […]