New Shop Item: Egyptian God Pendant Necklaces, Available by Special Order


The item pictured above is not available for sale right now–but I can make you one, or one like it featuring one of a number of other Egyptian gods!

This is a little different for my shop in that I don’t plan to offer these ready-made at this time but only by special order. This is in part because of the materials–the pendants are made using pre-made glass lockets and miniaturized reproductions of my own drawings of the Egyptian gods, which I will put together as the pieces are requested, so I won’t usually have ready-to-go finished pendants on hand.

That said, pictured below are pendants for Thoth and Bast, taken from either side to give you an idea of scale (so if what you want is a Thoth or Bast necklace, that I can do right away! :))

I consider these to be primarily wearable or decorative pieces; the glass pendants (1×1.6″ or 25.4×40.6mm) are wonderful but the edges are necessarily a little rough because of the hinge and closure mechanism (and according to the manufacturer they are not intended to be reopened/closed frequently but rather used to hold images permanently); because of this I probably wouldn’t recommend carrying it around all day in a purse or pocket although it would be fine in a desk drawer or similar spot. They are, needless to say, not waterproof, and being made from glass they are potentially breakable.

The beaded loop consists of 42 6mm gemstone beads of your choice (if I don’t have the stone you prefer in stock I can order it) and will be approximately 27″ (68.6cm) long. The pictured example piece does not have a clasp, but it can be made with either a lobster clasp or a magnetic closure.

The necklaces will be $55 for pieces made from most stones, although some stones may add a bit more to the price.

I can currently make pendant necklaces for the following Egyptian deities:

Amun; Anubis (Yinepu); Atum; Bast; Bes; Geb; Hathor (Het-hert); Heka; Heruakhety; Horus the Elder (Heru-Wer); Horus the Younger (Heru-sa-Aset); Isis (Aset); Khepera; Khnum; Khonsu; Ma’at; Maahes; Mafdet; Min; Montu; Meretseger; Mut; Nephthys (Nebt-het); Nefertem; Nekhbet; Nun; Nut; Osiris (Wesir); Ptah; Ra; Renenutet; Sekhmet; Serqet; Seshet; Set; Shu; Sobek; Sokar; Taweret (Tauret); Thoth (Djehuty); Tefnut; Wadjet; and Wepwawet.

Since the pendants are two-sided, you can also choose to have two different gods on the pendant–for example, Isis and Osiris, or Nekhbet and Wadjet who represented Upper and Lower Egypt respectively.

If you’re interested, contact me at my shop.

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