Hearthfire Handworks

An Offering to Asklepios

Asklepios, god of healing and patron of medicine, is among the kindest of the Greek gods. Historically he would accept any offering, no matter how small, and his temples were filled with […]

Movable Faith

While it is true that the variations of ancient Greek religion and its practice were in many ways each unique to its era, culture, and region it is also true that that […]

Hero worship

The practice of hero worship is not something that has spread widely among the modern Hellenic polytheist community, and this is not surprising. You occasionally see the honoring of “epic heroes” such […]

Devotions and Festivals, Intimacy and Community

One of the disadvantages of a solitary religious practice, for me, is the tendency to focus on–well, solitary religious practices! In saying that, I don’t mean to disparage solitary practice. I’ve always […]

My Eiresione

Here is my wildly inexpertly-crafted eiresione, made from a fallen apple branch, wound with wool I spun (also inexpertly :)) last year, with small vials of wine, olive oil and honey tied [… ]

Festivals and Devotions: The Noumenia and other monthly devotions

While most of the ancient Greek festivals, rituals and devotional practices we hear about tend to be those held annually (or, sometimes, once ever few years), there are also traditional forms of […]

The Altar of Eleos

There were a number of deities within the Greek pantheon who are often regarded by modern scholars as mere personifications–deities bearing the names of concepts, such as Nike (Victory) or Tyche (Fortune). […]

An Introduction to Hera

Hera, wife of Zeus and queen of the gods, is one of those deities whose surviving mythology does not really do her justice. She is primarily known as a goddess of marriage, […]

An Introduction to Zeus

While Zeus is perhaps best known for casting the thunderbolt, causing thunder and lightning and bringing storms to the earth. However, he is also very much concerned with issues of law and […]