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Spiritual Tools: Prayer Beads

First off, this is not a post about the history of prayer beads in paganism, because the use of prayer beads is not a historically attested practic...

New in my Shop: Prayer Beads for Celtic Gods

My relationship with the Celtic gods has been a complicated one over the years; they have not always been a steady presence in my life, but they have been a strong one. […]

New in my Shop: Travel Prayer Beads

Sometimes I add something to the shop simply because I want one. This is one of those times. This design is meant to be carried on your travels; it is easily hung […]

My Etsy Shop: Custom Orders

I try not to have too many posts in this blog that are mainly or mostly commercial; after all, I’ve got a whole other blog for that (which you can see here […]

New in my Shop: Prayer Beads for the Norse Gods

Today I’m introducing a new shop section and prayer bead design: pocket prayer beads for the Norse gods. As a multi-faith polytheist*, I tend to go where I am most drawn in […]

New in my Shop: Prayer Bead Bracelets

I’m not all that much of a jewelry person, myself–except when I am. I’ve been wanting a way to keep my prayer beads on my person, within reach and easy to use; […]

In my shop: Prayer Beads for the Mothers of the Gods

Today’s new listing of pocket prayer beads is for the mother of Aphrodite, the Titan goddess Dione. These beads are the latest in a series of prayer beads I’ve been making for […]

Athena Prayer Beads and Necklace in Aqua and Copper Czech Pressed Glass

The owl is sacred to Athena, great goddess of ancient Greece, and when I found these beads–made of Czech pressed glass in aqua blue with a copper finish–I knew exactly who they […]