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Answered Prayers: The Votive Formula

We can thank the Romans for a great deal of what we know about the gods of Britain, continental Gaul and Germania. Partly this has to do with surviving writings such as […]

Five Reasons to Write Prayers

While I am a writer of prayers and (like most other prayer-writers, I think) I am happy and honored whenever someone uses one of my pieces* in their practice, I am also […]

Praying on Autopilot

Ideally we do all things mindfully and with full awareness. Less ideally but perhaps more frequently, we sometimes do things without that full awareness, particularly things that we do often. Like when […]

How to pray so that the gods will hear you

If you say your prayer out loud, it will be heard. If you say your prayer silently, in your head, it will be heard. If you say your prayer standing or kneeling […]

Greek Pagan Basics: How to Write a Prayer

When it comes to prayer, there aren’t a lot of rules. Prayer can be as simple, direct and informal as talking to the gods, off the cuff, in a time of need […]