List of Gods

I try to keep beads in stock for a variety of gods, including those on the following list. If I'm out of stock, please feel free to write and ask when they'll be back, or to request a special order.

Abandinus, British Celtic River God
Abelio, Gaulish Celtic God of the Orchard
Abnoba, Gaulish Celtic Goddess of the Wilderness
Ancasta, British Celtic Goddess of the River
Andraste, British Celtic Goddess of Battle, Freedom
Arduinna, Gaulish Celtic Goddess of the Forest
Artio, Gaulish Celtic Bear Goddess
Aveta, Gaulish Celtic Mother Goddess
Belatucadros, British Celtic Protector God
Belenos, Gaulish Celtic God of the Sun
Belisama, Gaulish Celtic Goddess of Strength and Light
Borvo, Gaulish Celtic God of Healing, Hot Springs
Brigantia, British Celtic Goddess of Protection and Victory
Cathubodua, British Celtic Goddess of War, Battle, Victory
Cernunnos, Gaulish Celtic God of Nature and Wild Beasts
Coventina, Gaulish Celtic Goddess of Wells, Springs and Fresh Water
Cunomaglus, British Celtic God of Hunting, Healing
Damona, Gaulish Celtic Goddess of Abundance and Healing
Dis Pater, Gaulish Celtic God of the Underworld, God of Prosperity
Epona, Gaulish Celtic Goddess of the Horse, Protector of Soldiers
Erecura (Aericura), Gaulish Celtic Goddess of Prosperity, Goddess of the Underworld
Esus, Gaulish Celtic God, Bearer of the Woodcutter's Axe
Gobannus, Gaulish Celtic God of Smithcraft, Patron of Artisans
Leucetius (Loucetius), Gaulish Celtic God of Light, Lightning, Protection
Meduna, Gaulish Celtic Goddess of Mead, Inspiration, Intoxication
Nantosuelta, Gaulish Celtic Goddess of Fertility, Abundance and Home Arts
Nemetona, Gaulish Celtic Goddess of the Sacred Grove
Rosmerta, Gaulish Celtic Goddess of Abundance and Prosperity
Rudianos, Gaulish Celtic God of War, Protection
Sequana, Gaulish Celtic Healing Goddess, Spirit of the River Seine
Sirona, Gaulish Celtic Goddess of Healing
Sucellus, Gaulish Celtic God of Fertility, Agriculture, Wine
Sulis (Sulis Minerva), British/Gaulish Celtic Healing Goddess, Righter of Wrongs
Taranis, Gaulish Celtic God of Thunder, Fertility, Protection
Tarvos Trigaranos, Gaulish Celtic God, Bull with Three Cranes
Teutates (Toutatis), Gaulish Celtic God of the Tribe, Protector of the People

Aengus (Aengus, Oengus, Angus Og), Irish Celtic God of Youth, God of Love
Aine, Irish Celtic Goddess of Midsummer, Sovereignty, Prosperity, Abundance
Airmed, Irish Celtic Goddess of Herbs and Healing
Brigid, Irish Celtic Goddess of Poetry, Crafts and Healing
The Cailleach, Gaelic Celtic Goddess of Winter and Storms, Crone Goddess, Hag Goddess
The Dagda, Irish Celtic God of Protection and Abundance
Danu, Irish Celtic Mother Goddess
Fionn, Irish Celtic Warrior God, God of the Sea and the Otherworld
Flidais, Irish Celtic Goddess of Wild Beasts and the Wilderness
Lugh (Lug, Lugh Lamfada), Irish Celtic God of All Arts and Skills
Manannan (Manannan mac Lir), Irish Celtic God of the Sea and the Otherworld
Medb (Maeve), Irish Celtic Goddess of Sovereignty, Sexuality and Intoxication
Miach, Irish Celtic God of Healing and Rejuvenation, Brother of Airmed
The Morrigan, Irish Celtic Goddess of War, Death and Sovereignty
Nuada, Irish Celtic God of Battle and Kingship
Oisin, Irish Celtic God, Warrior, Bard, Poet

Arianrhod, Welsh Celtic Goddess of the Silver Wheel
Bran, Welsh Celtic God of Sovereignty, Renewal, Prophecy
Branwen, Welsh Celtic Goddess of Love and Compassion
Cerridwen, Welsh Celtic Goddess of Transformation and Inspiration
Elen of the Ways, Welsh Celtic Goddess of the Wilderness, Goddess of Many Paths
Gwydion (Gwyn ap Nudd), Welsh Celtic God of Magic and Trickery
Gwyn, Welsh Celtic God of the Otherworld
Lleu (Llew Llaw Gyffes), Welsh Celtic God Skillful of Hand
Mabon (Mabon ap Modron), Welsh Celtic God of Youth, God of the Hunt
Rhiannon, Welsh Celtic Goddess of Magic, Abundance, Sovereignty,

Amun (Amon, Amen), Egyptian Creator God, King of Gods
Anubis (Yinepu, Anpu), Egyptian God of the Underworld and Afterlife, Guardian of the Dead
Atum, Egyptian Creator God
Bast (Bastet), Egyptian Goddess of Joy, Love, Music and Dance
Geb, Egyptian God of the Earth
Hathor (Hethert, Het-hert), Egyptian Goddess of Love, Joy and Beauty
Heka, Egyptian God of Magic
Heqet, Egyptian Goddess of Creation, Fertility Goddess
Horus the Elder (Heru-wer), Egyptian God of Battle, Protection, Prosperity
Horus the Younger (Heru-sa-Aset), Egyptian God of Sovereignty, Victory, Justice
Isis (Aset), Egyptian Goddess of Magic, Wisdom, Motherhood (Aset)
Khepera (Khepri), Egyptian God of Transformation, Rebirth and the Sun, Scarab God
Khnum, Egyptian God of Creation and Protection, God of Potters
Khonsu, Egyptian God of the Moon, God of Time
Ma'at, Egyptian Goddess of Truth, Justice and Order
Mafdet, Egyptian Goddess of Law and Justice, Protector from Poison
Mut, Egyptian Mother Goddess, Goddess of the Heavens, Queen of Gods
Nefertem, Egyptian God of Healing, Beauty, Perfume and Scents
Neith (Nit), Egyptian Goddess of Wisdom, War and the Hunt
Nekhbet, Egyptian Vulture Goddess, Patron and Protector of Upper Egypt
Nephthys (Nebt-het), Egyptian Goddess of Death, Mourning, Rebirth
Nun (Nu), Egyptian God of the Primordial Abyss
Nut (Nuit), Egyptian Goddess of the Sky and Stars
Osiris (Wesir, Asar), Egyptian God of Death and the Afterlife
Ptah, Egyptian Creator God, Patron of Artisans, Artists and Builders
Ra (Re), Egyptian God of the Sun
Sekhmet, Egyptian Goddess of Healing, War, Justice and Vengeance
Serqet (Serket), Egyptian Goddess of Healing, Magic, Scorpions and Venomous Beads
Seshet (Seshat), Egyptian Goddess of Writing, Wisdom and Knowledge
Set (Sutekh, Seth), Egyptian God of Change, Chaos, Battle, the Desert
Shu, Egyptian God of the Air, the Winds, the Atmosphere
Sobek (Sebek), Egyptian God of Fertility, Protection and the Military, Patron of Soldiers
Taweret (Taueret), Egyptian Goddess of Fertility, Motherhood, Childbirth
Tefnut, Egyptian Goddess of the Waters and the Rains
Thoth (Djehuty), Egyptian God of Wisdom and Learning, Writing and Communication
Wadjet, Egyptian Cobra Goddess, Patron and Protector of Lower Egypt
Wepwawet, Egyptian God of War and Protection, God of Possibilities

Ahti, Finnish God of the Sea
Ilmarinen, Finnish God of Invention, Master of the Forge
Lemminkainen, Finnish Hero God, Trickster God
Mielikki, Finnish Goddess of the Forest
Pekko, Finnish God of Beer, God of the Grain
Tapio, Finnish God of the Forest
Ukko, Finnish God of Thunder, Storms and Good Harvest
Vellamo, Finnish Goddess of the Sea

Agathos Daimon (Good Spirit), Greek Spirit of Fortune and Protection
Aglaia, Greek Goddess, Grace (Charis, Kharis) of Beauty
Agnostos Theos (Unknown God), Greek God for Whom No Name is Known
Aletheia, Greek Goddess of Truth and Honesty
Amphitrite, Greek Goddess of the Sea, Consort of Poseidon
Ananke, Greek Goddess of Necessity and Inevitably, Creator Goddess, Consort of Chronos
Anteros, Greek God of Love Requited and Returned, Companion of Eros
Aphrodite, Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty
Apollo, Greek God of Music and the Arts, Health and Healing, Archery and the Sun
Ares, Greek God of War, Battle, Courage and Survival, Patron and Protector of Soldiers
Ariadne, Greek Goddess, Mistress of the Labyrinth, Bride of Dionysos, Princess of Crete
Aristaios, Greek God of Excellence and Useful Arts
Artemis, Greek Goddess of the Wilderness and Wild Animals, Goddess of the Hunt, Protector of Young Women
Asklepios, Greek God of Healing, Patron of Physicians and Health Professionals
Asteria, Greek Goddess of Astrology and Dream Prophecy, Mother of Hecate
Astraea, Greek Goddess of Justice, Protector of the Innocent
Athena, Greek Goddess of Wisdom, Weaving, War, Protector of Cities
Bia, Greek Goddess of Force and Might
Boreas, Greek God of the North Wind, God of Winter
Britomartis (Dictynna), Greek Goddess of the Mountains and the Hunt
Calliope, Greek Goddess, Muse of Epic Poetry and Eloquence
Charon, Greek God, Ferryman of the Dead, Guardian of the River Styx
Chione, Greek Goddess of Snow, Winter Goddess
Chiron, Greek God of Wisdom, Teaching, Healing, Centaur God
Chronos, Greek God of Time, Creator God, Consort of Ananke (Necessity)
Circe, Greek Goddess of Magic, Transformation
Clio, Greek Goddess, Muse of History
Demeter, Greek Goddess of Grain, the Harvest, the Seasons, and the Afterlife
Dike, Greek Goddess of Justice
Dione, Greek Titan Goddess, Mother of Aphrodite, Mistress of the Oracle at Dodona
Dionysos, Greek God of Wine, Theater, the Mysteries
Eileithyia, Greek Goddess of Childbirth and Pregnancy, Protector of New Mothers and Infants
Eirene, Greek Goddess of Peace
Eleos, Greek Goddess of Pity, Compassion and Mercy
Elpis, Greek Goddess of Hope and Expectation
Eos, Greek Goddess of the Dawn
Erato, Greek Goddess, Muse of Lyric and Love Poetry
Erebos, Greek God of Darkness, Primordial God
Eris, Greek Goddess of Discord
Eros, Greek God of Love, Lust and Passion
Eukleia (Eucleia), Greek Goddess of Glory and Reputation
Eunomia, Greek Goddess of Good and Just Laws and Order
Eupheme, Greek Goddess of Praise and Triumph
Euphrosyne, Greek Goddess, Grace (Charis, Kharis) of Merriment and Good Cheer
Euros, Greek God of the East Wind, God of Autumn
Euterpe, Greek Goddess, Muse of Music and Song
Euthenia, Greek Goddess of Prosperity and Abundance
The Fates, Greek Goddesses of Fate and Destiny, Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos
The Furies (Semnai Theai, Eumenides, Erinyes), Greek Goddess of Retribution and Righteous Vengeance
Gaia, Greek Goddess, Mother Earth, Mother of the Gods
Ganymede, Cupbearer of the Greek Gods
Hades, Greek God of the Underworld, God of Wealth and Abundance
Harmonia, Greek Goddess of Concord and Harmony
Hebe, Greek Goddess of Youth, Cupbearer of the Gods
Hekate, Greek Goddess of Magic and Witchcraft, Protector of the Home
Helios, Greek God of the Sun, Witness of Oaths
Hemera, Greek Goddess of the Day, Daughter of Night
Hephaistos, Greek God of Blacksmiths and the Forge, God of Artisans
Hera, Greek Goddess of the Heavens, Marriage and Fidelity, Queen of Olympus
Heracles, Greek Hero and Demi-god, Protector of Humanity
Hermes, Greek God of Communication, Commerce, Competition, Diplomacy, Guide of the Dead
Hestia, Greek Goddess of the Hearth, Home and Family, Community
Himeros, Greek God of Lust and Desire, Companion of Eros
Horkos (Horcus), Greek God of Oaths, Companion of Justice
Hygeia, Greek Goddess of Health and Healing
Hypnos, Greek God of Sleep
Iris, Greek Goddess of the Rainbow, Messenger of the Gods
Kairos (Caerus), Greek God of Opportunity
Khloris (Chloris), Greek Goddess of Flowers
Kronos (Cronus), Father of the Greek Gods, King of the Titans
Leto, Greek Goddess of Motherhood, Protector of Children, Mother of Apollo and Artemis
Maia, Greek Goddess, Mountain Nymph, Mother of Hermes
Melpomene, Greek Goddess, Muse of Tragedy
Methe, Greek Goddess of Intoxication and Drunkenness, Companion of Bacchus
Metis, Greek Goddess of Wisdom, Mother of Athena
Mnemosyne, Greek Goddess of Memory, Mother of the Muses
Morpheus, Greek God of Dreams
Nemesis, Greek Goddess of Vengeance and Retribution
Nike, Greek Goddess of Victory
Notos, Greek God of the South Wind, God of Summer
Nyx, Greek Goddess of the Night
Ouranos, Greek God of the Sky, Consort of Gaia
Pan, Greek God of Forest and Mountain, Shepherd and Hunter, Companion of the Nymphs
Panacea, Greek Goddess of Health and Healing, Mistress of All Remedies
Peitho, Greek Goddess of Persuasion, Seduction and Charm
Persephone, Greek Goddess of Spring, Renewal, Death and the Afterlife
Philophrosyne, Greekk Goddess of Welcome, Kindness, Hospitality
Phobos and Deimos, Greek Gods of Fear and Terror, Sons of Aphrodite and Ares
Polyhymnia, Greek Goddess, Muse of Sacred Music, Poetry and Hymns
Poseidon, Greek God of the Sea, Protector and Patron of Sailors
Pothos, Greek God of Love and Longing, Companion of Eros
Priapus, Greek God of Fertility and Gardens
Prometheus, Greek Titan God of Forethought, Granter of the Gift of Fire
Psyche, Greek Goddess of the Soul, Bride of Eros
Rhea, Greek Titan Goddess of the Earth, Mother of the Greek Gods
Selene, Greek Goddess of the Moon
Semele (Thyone), Greek Goddess of the Mysteries, Mother of Dionysos
Terpsichore, Greek Goddess, Muse of Dance
Thaleia, Greek Goddess, Grace (Charis, Kharis) of Feasts and Festivals
Thalia, Greek Goddess, Muse of Comedy
Thanatos, Greek God of Death
Themis, Greek Goddess of Universal Law and Justice
Tyche, Greek Goddess of Luck and Fortune
Urania, Greek Goddess, Muse of Astronomy
Zephyros, Greek God of the West Wind, God of Spring
Zeus, Greek God of Sky and Storm, Thunder and Lightning, Justice

Aegir, Norse God of the Sea, Brewing, Hospitality
Baldr, Norse God of Light, Hope, Rebirth
Bragi, Norse God of Poetry and Inspiration
The Dwarves, Norse Spirits of Smithing, Healing, Crafting, Creation
Eir, Norse Goddess of Healing
Forseti, Norse God of Law, Mediation, Compromise, Justice
Frey, Norse God of Fertility, Abundance, Prosperity, Peace
Freyja, Norse Goddess of Love, War, Magic
Frigga, Norse Goddess of Wisdom, Seership, Weaving, Management
Heimdall, Norse God, Guardian of Bifrost the Rainbow Bridge
Hella, Norse Goddess of Death, Ruler of the Underworld
Idunna, Norse Goddess of Youth and Rejuvenation
Loki, Norse God of Chaos, Change, Transformation
Mani, Norse God of the Moon
Nehalennia, Germanic Goddess of Prosperity and Trade
Nerthus, Norse Goddess of Abundance and Fertility
Njord, Norse God of the Sea, Abundance, Commerce
Nott, Norse Goddess of the Night
Odin, Norse God of War, Battle, Magic, Runes, Wisdom, Poetry, Death
Ostara (Eostre), Anglo-Saxon/Germanic Goddess of Spring, New Beginnings
Ran, Norse Goddess of the Sea
Sif, Norse Goddess of Abundance and Fertility, Bride of Thor
Sigyn, Norse God of Devotion and Love, Bride of Loki
Skadhi, Norse Goddess of Winter, the Wilderness, Mountains, the Hunt
Sunna, Norse Goddess of the Sun
Thor, Norse God of Thunder, Protector of Humanity
Tyr, Norse God of Justice, Law and War
Ullr, Norse God of the Bow, the Hunt, and the Winter

Abundantia, Roman Goddess of Abundance and Prosperity
Aequitas, Roman Goddess of Equality and Fair Dealing
Bellona, Roman Goddess of War
Cardea, Roman Goddess of the Door-hinge, Protector of the Threshold
Ceres, Roman Goddess of Agriculture and Fertility
Clementia, Roman Goddess of Mercy and Forgiveness
Concordia, Roman Goddess of Concord and Agreement
Janus, Roman God of Beginnings, Endings, Gates and Doors
Juno, Roman Goddess of Marriage, the Community, Queen of the Gods
Jupiter, Roman God of Sky and Storm, King of the Gods
Libertas, Roman Goddess of Freedom and Liberty
Mars, Roman God of War, Fertility, Agriculture
Mercury, Roman God of Commerce, Travel, Prosperity
Minerva, Roman Goddess of Crafts, Wisdom, War
Neptune, Roman God of the Sea and Fresh Water
Ops, Roman Goddess of Fertility and Abundance, Earth Mother
Pluto, Roman God of the Underworld, God of Wealth
Salus, Roman Goddess of Health and Well-Being
Saturn, Roman God of Agriculture, Abundance, Wealth, Time, Father of the Gods
Tellus, Roman Earth Goddess, Mother Earth
Venus, Roman Goddess of Love, Beauty, Fertility, Gardens
Vesta, Roman Goddess of the Hearthfire
Vulcan, Roman God of Fire and Smithcraft

Dazhbog, Slavic God of the Sun, Wealth, Good Fortune
Marzanna, Slavic Goddess of Death, Winter, Rebirth
Mokosh, Slavic Goddess of Fertility, Spinning, Protector of Women
Perun, Slavic God of Thunder, Fertility
Svarog, Slavic God of Fire, God of Blacksmiths
Veles, Slavic God of Magic, the Underworld

Enki (Ea), Sumerian Mesopotamian God of Wisdom and Magic, Creator of Humanity
Enlil, Sumerian Mesopotamian God of Storms, Chief of Gods
Ereshkigal, Sumerian Mesopotamian Goddess of the Underworld
Inanna (Ishtar), Sumerian Mesopotamian Goddess of Love, War, Power, Justice
Lilith, Sumerian Babylonian Mesopotamian Goddess of Fertility and Free Will
Ninhursag (Ninmah, Nintur), Sumerian Mesopotamian Mother Goddess
Uttu, Sumerian/Mesopotamian Goddess of Weaving