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New Shop Item: Egyptian God Pendant Necklaces, Available by Special Order

The item pictured above is not available for sale right now–but I can make you one, or one like it featuring one of a number of other Egyptian gods! This is a […]

My Etsy Shop: Custom Orders

I try not to have too many posts in this blog that are mainly or mostly commercial; after all, I’ve got a whole other blog for that (which you can see here […]

In My Shop: Aristaios Prayer Beads, the Homesteader’s God

The Greek pantheon has many, many, many gods. And as I often say, “Every god is someone’s god.” Even those–or, sometimes, especially those–who may not be so well known. Aristaios is one […]

New in my Shop: Prayer Beads for the Norse Gods

Today I’m introducing a new shop section and prayer bead design: pocket prayer beads for the Norse gods. As a multi-faith polytheist*, I tend to go where I am most drawn in […]

With gratitude to Hermes

Over the weekend I received my fiftieth sale in my Etsy store. When I opened shop four months ago I didn’t know what to expect, just knew that this was something I […]

New in my Shop: Prayer Bead Bracelets

I’m not all that much of a jewelry person, myself–except when I am. I’ve been wanting a way to keep my prayer beads on my person, within reach and easy to use; […]