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Spiritual Tools: Prayer Beads

First off, this is not a post about the history of prayer beads in paganism, because the use of prayer beads is not a historically attested practic...

Answered Prayers: The Votive Formula

We can thank the Romans for a great deal of what we know about the gods of Britain, continental Gaul and Germania. Partly this has to do with surviving writings such as […]

Praying on Autopilot

Ideally we do all things mindfully and with full awareness. Less ideally but perhaps more frequently, we sometimes do things without that full awareness, particularly things that we do often. Like when […]

On the Evolution of Personal Polytheism

I’ve been pagan for over 20 years, and actively a polytheist for perhaps 17 of those years. My practice back then was quite a bit different from my practice now; some things […]

Breaking the Rules

There’s something I heard, a rule of art, when I was young that has stuck with me over the years: you have to know the rules before you can break them. I’ve […]

“I’m not really a joiner”

Except that, really, I sort of am. I genuinely like the idea of organizations that promote pagan and polytheist religion, that provide resources and information and training and community and networking. I […]

How to pray so that the gods will hear you

If you say your prayer out loud, it will be heard. If you say your prayer silently, in your head, it will be heard. If you say your prayer standing or kneeling […]

A few thoughts about oaths

Something that may be new to someone starting out in a number of polytheistic religions is the idea of oaths. In the broader culture, oaths are significant in part for their rarity–if […]

Sifting through the Lore

The major tools we use in reconstructed/revived/rebuilt religion are those that are quantifiable. That doesn’t mean that more personal insights don’t have a part in faith, just that they are not part […]

Building with Old Lumber

This is a true story, but it is also an analogy. Many many years ago, my mom and dad built the house where I lived for eight years of my childhood. My […]

What Do They Want? Hints for the Headblind on Determining the Will of the Gods

I am, as I will freely admit, not a woo person. On the whole I am fine with this–from what I have observed, having an active godphone is not a thing that […]

Devotions and Festivals, Intimacy and Community

One of the disadvantages of a solitary religious practice, for me, is the tendency to focus on–well, solitary religious practices! In saying that, I don’t mean to disparage solitary practice. I’ve always […]