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Pantheonic Ramblings

When I was growing up, books of mythology were always among my favorites. Often these books would include a list of gods, a “cast of characters” that comprised the pantheon of deities […]

About the Mothers: The Matrae and Matronae

The Matrones/Matronae or Matres/Matrae (Mothers) are Celtic and Germanic goddesses widely worshipped in Gaul and Britain; they were almost always depicted in groups of three. They are protectors of home, family and […]

Movable Gods

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of research into the gods of continental Europe, of the areas once known as Gaul and Germania, as well as those British gods we know from […]

Goddess and Gods: Blodeuwedd

The myths of Wales, like those of Ireland, are a mixed blessing. On the one hand, they have been far better preserved than those of their continental Celtic cousins. On the other, […]