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Festivals: Poseidea

Although only one festival of this name is attested and that in the region of Marathon, it does seem likely, given the existence of a month called Poseidion, that at one time […]

Festivals: Boreaia (An Exercise in Modern Festival-building)

As far as I know, there was no ancient Greek festival that went by the name of Boreaia. If there were, it probably would not be thematically similar to this one. There […]

Festivals: Maimakteria

The festival of Maimakteria is very obscure, but surely took place in the month of Maimakterion, and likely honored Zeus Maimaktes or “blustering Zeus” Given the name of the month and the […]

The Peplos of Athena

One of the traditions associated with ancient Athens’ greatest festival, the Panathenaia, was the presentation of a new peplos to Athena Polias on the Acropolis. This was no mere symbolic gift; the […]

Festivals: The Chalkeia

The Chalkeia was held in Athens on the last day of Pyanepsion; it was a festival of smiths and artisans honoring Hephaistos and Athena. The festival appears to have included a procession, […]

Greek Pagan Basics: Finding a Ritual Calendar

For a modern Hellenic polytheist, a ritual or festival calendar is, while not strictly a necessity, certainly very helpful. You can clearly honor the gods outside of festivals; for many if not […]

Festivals: The Genesia

The Genesia was held as a public festival honoring the dead on 5 Boedromion in Athens. It is uncertain how the Genesia related to private or family rites honoring individual ancestors (held […]

Greek Pagan Basics: Honoring the Dead

For a lot of modern pagans, this is the time of year when it is especially appropriate to honor the dead. The Irish Samhain, widely observed in the modern pagan community, the […]

My Eiresione

Here is my wildly inexpertly-crafted eiresione, made from a fallen apple branch, wound with wool I spun (also inexpertly :)) last year, with small vials of wine, olive oil and honey tied [… ]

Some Hellenic Pagan Resources

I occasionally get questions from folks about various aspects of religious practice, and while I’m happy to answer (it’s one of my favorite topics of discussion!) I thought it might be helpful […]

The Ages of Greek Religion

As a semi-reconstructionist polytheistic pagan, I draw upon a variety of sources–historical, literary, archaeological–to inform my religious practice. Such sources do not define my practice but they do provide a base on […]

The Altar of Eleos

There were a number of deities within the Greek pantheon who are often regarded by modern scholars as mere personifications–deities bearing the names of concepts, such as Nike (Victory) or Tyche (Fortune). […]