Festivals: Maimakteria

The festival of Maimakteria is very obscure, but surely took place in the month of Maimakterion, and likely honored Zeus Maimaktes or “blustering Zeus” Given the name of the month and the wintry weather, it is possible that at this time people prayed to Zeus for good weather—or, at the least, fewer storms. The date is unknown. (Parke 96)

In this version of the Maimakteria, I’ve provided a very basic rite honoring Zeus Maimaktes and asking for his favor during the winter to come.

I’ve posted my ritual for the Maimakteria at my other blog.

A PDF version of the ritual script is available here.


Parke, H.W. Festivals of the Athenians. Thames and Hudson: London, 1977.

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