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Festivals: The Chalkeia

The Chalkeia was held in Athens on the last day of Pyanepsion; it was a festival of smiths and artisans honoring Hephaistos and Athena. The festival appears to have included a procession, […]

Greek Pagan Basics: Finding a Ritual Calendar

For a modern Hellenic polytheist, a ritual or festival calendar is, while not strictly a necessity, certainly very helpful. You can clearly honor the gods outside of festivals; for many if not […]

Festivals: The Genesia

The Genesia was held as a public festival honoring the dead on 5 Boedromion in Athens. It is uncertain how the Genesia related to private or family rites honoring individual ancestors (held […]

Eiresione checklist

Pyanepsia is on its way and I’m getting ready to make the eiresione. Apple branch, check. (Olives are so far from native to my region that it isn’t even funny. Apples we […]

Festivals: Democratia

The goddess Democratia (Democracy) was honored in Athens on 12 Boedromion (Mikalson “Heorte” 213) beginning in the 4th century BCE; the goddess received sacrifices, was honored with feasts and processions, was served […]

Festivals: Some Elements of Hellenic Ritual

I’m going to be sharing some of my own rituals that I’ve prepared to celebrate festivals honoring the Greek gods; some will be modern versions of festivals known in the ancient world, […]

Festivals and Devotions: The Noumenia and other monthly devotions

While most of the ancient Greek festivals, rituals and devotional practices we hear about tend to be those held annually (or, sometimes, once ever few years), there are also traditional forms of […]