Some Hellenic Pagan Resources

I occasionally get questions from folks about various aspects of religious practice, and while I’m happy to answer (it’s one of my favorite topics of discussion!) I thought it might be helpful if I put up a few sources of information for people to refer to.


Before I get to the links, here are some commonly used terms referring to the worship of the Greek gods in a modern context, and how I’ve usually observed these terms being used over the years; while this usage is not always consistent among sources, this should give you an idea of what people are talking about.

Hellenic paganism – Any form of paganism focusing on the Hellenic/Greek gods. A very broad term, it can include neopagan forms of worship (e.g. Hellenic Wicca), and can include worship of the Greek gods seen as aspects or archetypes.

Hellenic polytheism – Any form of paganism focusing on the Hellenic/Greek gods as individual entities rather than aspects or archetypes–generally refers to what is sometimes called “hard polytheism” (as contrasted with the “soft polytheism” which may see deities as aspects or archetypes or which may see the gods of different pantheons as the same entities under different names).

Hellenic reconstructionism – Reconstructionism is a broad term for a methodology. Reconstructionist religions are those that are informed and inspired by historical practice. Thus, Hellenic reconstructionism is based (in greater or lesser part) on the religious practices of the ancient Greeks. Some recons are stricter than others, and different people interpret the available information differently, but what they have in common is the historical foundation of the faith.

Hellenismos and Dodecatheism are terms that generally refer to a polytheistic way of honoring the Greek gods, usually with a reconstructionist or revivalist focus. “Dodecatheism” refers to worship of the dodecatheon or “twelve gods” while “Hellenismos” was the term used by Emperor Julian when he attempted to bring back the worship of the gods after the onset of Christianity.

Informational Sites

Hellenismos FAQ
Brief and to-the-point FAQ on Hellenic reconstructionist polytheism.

Hellenic Polytheism at
Brief general description of Hellenic polytheism.

Labrys Hellenic Polytheistic Community
Articles on various aspects of Hellenic polytheistic practice.

HMEPA (Hellenic Month Established Per Athens) Calendar
Ongoing calendar of the ancient Hellenic ritual year.

Groups and Organizations

One of the first US-based organizations focused on Hellenic polytheism. A good group of people, with good information made available on the website. Has a Facebook page.

Another early US-based Hellenic polytheistic organization, Elaion has a specifically traditional focus. Also a good group of people, with good information made available on the website. Has a Facebook page.

Hellenic polytheistic organization with a focus on service to the gods. Good people, good information. Has a Facebook page.

ADF (Ár nDraíocht Féin)
ADF is a neopagan Druidic organization with a broad focus on Indo-European cultures including the ancient Hellenic culture. While a majority of ADF members have a Celtic practice, there are a number of people and some good resources with a Greek focus.


Hellenic and Roman Polytheism at The Cauldron
Discussion board for The Cauldron’s Hellenic and Roman Polytheism SIG (Special Interest Group).

Discuission board for the classical Olympian religion.

Polytheist Community Center Forum
Discussion board for the Polytheist Community Center. This is a general polytheistic group and addresses some issues common to different polytheistic religions. Includes a specific board for Hellenic polytheism.

This list is by no means all-inclusive but should provide a decent starting point for further research!

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