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Who is the Agathos Daimon?

Agathos Daimon, literally, means “good spirit,” and that is certainly true; he is a granter of abundance, protection, fertility and good fortune–all kinds of blessings, really–to humankind. You won’t typically see him […]

Greek Pagan Basics: Hints for Studying Religious Sources

When I say I’m a semi-reconstructionist, I mean to say that I draw heavily on historical, archaeological and literary sources in building my religious practice but don’t limit myself to those sources. […]

Ethics: The Delphic Maxims

People often say that when it comes to ethics, all religions say basically the same thing. This isn’t exactly true (I only follow some of the Ten Commandments on a regular basis, […]

Festivals: Some Elements of Hellenic Ritual

I’m going to be sharing some of my own rituals that I’ve prepared to celebrate festivals honoring the Greek gods; some will be modern versions of festivals known in the ancient world, […]

Festivals and Devotions: The Noumenia and other monthly devotions

While most of the ancient Greek festivals, rituals and devotional practices we hear about tend to be those held annually (or, sometimes, once ever few years), there are also traditional forms of […]

Some Hellenic Pagan Resources

I occasionally get questions from folks about various aspects of religious practice, and while I’m happy to answer (it’s one of my favorite topics of discussion!) I thought it might be helpful […]

Gods Above and Gods Below

When it comes to discussing the Greek gods, “chthonic” or “chthonian” is a very useful and somewhat confusing word. You’ve probably heard it applied to underworld gods and spirits, the gods some […]

The Ages of Greek Religion

As a semi-reconstructionist polytheistic pagan, I draw upon a variety of sources–historical, literary, archaeological–to inform my religious practice. Such sources do not define my practice but they do provide a base on […]

Household Gods

We usually think of ancient Greek religion as taking place in temples, but there was as well a strong aspect of household worship. For the most part, household gods were not only […]

Ancient Divination for the Modern Greek Pagan

There is no question that divination was a significant part of life in the ancient Greek world. Decisions were made at the highest level based, at least in part, on the work […]

An Introduction to Epithets

Culturally, we probably know the Greek gods better than any other pantheon. We can attribute this in part to artists and poets–Byron and his crew loved our gods and loved to write […]