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The Peplos of Athena

One of the traditions associated with ancient Athens’ greatest festival, the Panathenaia, was the presentation of a new peplos to Athena Polias on the Acropolis. This was no mere symbolic gift; the […]

Athena Ergane, Goddess of Work

Because it is Labor Day here in the US, I honor Athena Ergane. As a goddess with a wide range of responsibilities, Athena has many different epithets. As Athena Ergane, Athena the […]

New in my Shop: Prayer Bead Bracelets

I’m not all that much of a jewelry person, myself–except when I am. I’ve been wanting a way to keep my prayer beads on my person, within reach and easy to use; […]

An Introduction to Athena

As patron goddess of Athens, Athena was a very popular deity with many myths attributed to her and a number of festivals in her honor. Her areas of interest were quite diverseÑshe […]

Athena Prayer Beads and Necklace in Aqua and Copper Czech Pressed Glass

The owl is sacred to Athena, great goddess of ancient Greece, and when I found these beads–made of Czech pressed glass in aqua blue with a copper finish–I knew exactly who they […]