In My Shop: Aristaios Prayer Beads, the Homesteader’s God

The Greek pantheon has many, many, many gods. And as I often say, “Every god is someone’s god.” Even those–or, sometimes, especially those–who may not be so well known.

Aristaios is one of those gods who deserves a lot more attention than he gets.

As god of so many arts, you’d think he’d get more press than he does. Perhaps it’s because his realm is so intertwined with our lives and our well-being that we take it, and him, for granted.

Aristaios is a god of bees and those who keep them. He is a god of the homely arts, such as cheesemaking and herbalism. His craft makes all our lives so much better. He is a god of the homemaker, a god of the homesteader, a god of all who like to prepare and eat good food.


The Aristaios (Aristaius) pocket prayer beads are approximately 11″ in diameter (28cm). They come with a prayer to Aristaios, written specifically to be used with this prayer bead design and with a cotton muslin bag for storage. You can, of course, use the beads with any prayers, or for any god or gods, that you choose or that resonate with you.

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