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I try not to have too many posts in this blog that are mainly or mostly commercial;  I may not be very organized (and I’m not) but I do like to keep a small amount of order in my writings. So, for the most part, I don’t write much here about my shop, but occasionally I do and this is one of those occasions. Usually it’s me showing off something I’m particularly happy to have made, but today it’s me talking about things I am particularly happy to make–custom orders. I love making prayer beads, but there’s something about making something specifically for someone that is especially rewarding.

If you want a set of beads for the Greek, Norse, Celtic ord Egyptian gods based on an existing design, but made with your choice of materials (type of bead, type of charm/pendant, etc.), that’s the easy one. If I need to order the components, there will likely be a delay until they arrive.

If you want a set of beads for a god under a specific epithet or with a focus on a specific aspect of the deity (i.e. Apollo as healer vs. Apollo as patron of the arts), I can do that as well–for example, if you want a set for Zeus Meilichios, we might use a snake (a common representation of Zeus in this guise) as the pendant rather than the lightning bolt that is a more typical Zeus symbol.

If you want beads made for a deity from a different pantheon, we’ll have to discuss design (number of beads and so forth); since I am more familiar with some groups of gods than with others, some discussions may be more extensive than others. As a multi-faith polytheist I may or may not have ideas already in mind.

All my prayer beads come with a prayer. You don’t have to use it, but it’s important to me that it is included. I think of myself as a tool-maker, and I feel that my tools should be ready to use.

Cost will depend on components; you can look through the items currently in my store for a rough idea. I generally use metal components that are affordable but sturdy, so they may not be hypoallergenic. I can order other components if this is an issue but it may add to the cost, and of course to the time it will take to make and will depend on availability, although I do keep some stainless steel findings on hand. Once a design is decided on I can give you a rough estimate of the cost.

Please message me with any questions.

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