Who is the Agathos Daimon?

Agathos Daimon, literally, means “good spirit,” and that is certainly true; he is a granter of abundance, protection, fertility and good fortune–all kinds of blessings, really–to humankind.

You won’t typically see him in myth, or listed among the gods of a city, but he had a very important part in household worship in ancient times and received a libation of unmixed (unwatered, full-strength) wine after the main meal of the day. He was honored as well at feasts and symposiums where he received libations. On a larger scale, he traditionally received offerings on the second day of the month.

He was usually represented in the form of a snake, although sometimes he was depicted as a young man, carrying a cornucopia or other symbol of abundance.

It is proper, but actually not entirely accurate, to speak of “the Agathos Daimon” because it refers to a category of spirit unique to each individual or household. Your Agathos Daimon is not quite the same entity as your neighbor’s; each has essentially the same powers and duties but will exercise them as appropriate for the needs and circumstances of their household.

So when you pray or offer to Agathos Daimon, you are dealing with your good spirit who has your own best interests at heart. It is appropriate to pray to him for many sorts of blessings–prosperity, protection, health, fertility, abundance and plain old good luck–and it is good to maintain a strong relationship with him.

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