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On the Evolution of Personal Polytheism

I’ve been pagan for over 20 years, and actively a polytheist for perhaps 17 of those years. My practice back then was quite a bit different from my practice now; some things […]

Multifaith Issue #1: Not enough horizontal spaces

As I think I have mentioned, there is no such thing as too many gods. However, there might (might!) be such a thing as too many altars. Personally, when it comes to […]

Multiple Gods, Multiple Practices

There is, I think, a misunderstanding among some polytheists about those who have connections with more than one group of gods–an assumption that unless you are focused on only one group, at […]


When I say I am multi-faith, I know it’s a mouthful, and I know it’s maybe sort of vague, but I haven’t yet found a better word for it and it’s become […]