Eros Prayer Beads: Greek God of Love, Lust, and Passion

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This set of Eros prayer beads consists of three groups of twelve beads, to represent the Greek dodecathon of twelve gods (there are many more than twelve Greek gods, but most cities had their own group of twelve) and the mythic division of the world into three realms--the sea, the heavens, and the underworld. Separating these sections are three hanging pendants, each a symbol representing the god:

Arrow - Eros carried the bow and arrow with which he caused his victims to fall in love with one another. Even the gods were not immune to his power!

Dove - Eros is often depicted in popular culture accompanied by doves, the companion birds of his mother Aphrodite.

Winged heart - As a god of love, Eros is well represented by the heart; the wings reflect both the god's own wings and the fleeting, ephemeral nature of love itself.

It is made with 10mm deep pink fire-polished Czech glass beads, separated by silver-toned metal spacer beads, and glass seed beads to provide a comfortable transition from one bead to the next and to make the piece lightweight, supple, and easy to handle. The string itself is approximately 26.75" (67.9cm) in circumference and can be worn if desired, although it is designed to be used in prayer and meditation, to decorate an altar or shrine, and/or to adorn a statue.

The beads come with a prayer to Eros, written specifically to be used with this prayer bead design (you can, of course, use the beads with any prayers, or for any god or gods, that you choose or that resonate with you) and with a cotton muslin bag for storage.