Airmed (Airmid) Pocket Prayer Beads: Irish Celtic Goddess of Herbs and Healing

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This set of Airmed (Airmid) pocket prayer beads consists of a total of twelve beads. There are three sets of three beads on the loop, signifying the realms of earth, sea and sky, each set separated by a knotwork spacer bead. Joining the string is an additional bead and a pendant, a symbol representing the goddess: a mortar and pestle, used for preparing herbs for use in healing. 

It is made with 10mm bright green fire-polished Czech glass beads separated by silver-toned metal spacer beads, and glass seed beads to provide a comfortable transition from one bead to the next and to make the piece lightweight, supple, and easy to handle. The loop itself is approximately 11" (28cm) in circumference; it is designed to be used in prayer and meditation, to decorate an altar or shrine, and/or to adorn a statue. The small size makes it easy to keep on hand in a drawer, a purse, or a pocket.

The beads come with a prayer to Airmed, written specifically to be used with this prayer bead design, and with a cotton muslin bag for storage.  

You can, of course, use the beads with any prayers, or for any god or gods, that you choose or that resonate with you.