The Inevitable Introductory Post

While this is a new blog, I’m far from new to blogging, although I don’t have any other active blogs going right now.

I’m even farther from new to paganism, and have identified as pagan for nearly a quarter of a century now. I am a polytheist with semi-reconstructionist tendencies and a devotional focus who tends to prefer personal and low-maintenance forms of worship; I’m more likely to pray than to hold ritual although I do both. I’ve been writing prayers and liturgy for many years and find it to be a good way to grow closer to the gods.

I’m not terribly new to making prayer beads, which I have been doing for fifteen years or so.

I am very new to making them for anyone but myself, and I am definitely new to selling on Etsy, where I am enjoying a steep learning curve. (About a month in and I finally figured out how to print a receipt, so I’m quite proud of that!) My hope is to maintain a steady stock of different prayer bead designs for a number of gods, and to add to it when I can (I have, for example, some owl beads that are just waiting for the proper Athena image to find me).

I am a mother of daughters, a collector of books, and a builder of altars and shrines, which sometimes seem to arise on their own (I expect I would have one on every surface if the family didn’t object). I’d rather listen than talk, enjoy movies that are either very good or very bad, prefer autumn to all other times of year, and I like my lawn to be scruffy and my flowers untamed. And I am terrible at writing introductions, but then you know that now.

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