Festivals: Theogamia

(I meant to post this earlier, at least before Valentine’s Day, but due to technical difficulties you are getting it today!)

Hera Teleia and Zeus Teleius were honored in Athens on 27 Gamelion (February 5) at a festival known as Theogamia, Gamelia or simply Hieros Gamos or “Sacred Marriage”; the ritual not only marked the marriage of god and goddess but celebrated the institution of marriage itself. Theogamia was widely celebrated publically in numerous Attic demes, as well as privately as a family rite within many homes. (Parker, Polytheism 74).

I’ve posted my ritual for the Theogamia at my other blog.

A PDF version of the ritual script is available here.


Parker, Robert. Polytheism and Society at Athens. Oxford University Press: New York, 2005.

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