Any requests?

I know I haven’t been posting as much here as I used to. Partly it’s because I’ve already written some of the things I could write quickly and easily, and the things I’m working on writing now aren’t all fully formed yet, and partly it’s because I’ve been busy with Life and haven’t had nearly as much time for research and writing.

(Although, just recently I’ve been writing like a maniac because I’m getting ready to start on a new bunch of prayer beads for the Egyptian gods that I’m entirely too happy about making!)

(I don’t write all that much about my shop, although I love doing it more than you can imagine. I figure the details of it just aren’t going to be all that interesting to anyone else. I only rarely post when I add a new kind of thing, which I probably should do. Oh, and just to mention it again, I will soon be adding a new kind of thing! :))

In any case, I just wanted to say that if there’s anything you’d particularly like to read about, particularly if it is a topic I haven’t yet covered, let me know!

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