A Short Holiday-of-choice Shopping List

It’s that time of the year again, the season of giving, and I know I can’t be the only one who finds it stressful. Somehow gift-giving is a thing that only gets more difficult with the passing years.

So I am making a short list (and not checking it twice :)) of some wonderful online shops (pagan-oriented or of interest to pagans) of the small-business variety. The list is in alphabetical order, for reasons, and is obviously neither complete nor definitive. 

Beth Wodandis Designs

One of my favorite online shops! Beth makes beautiful, beautiful things, and lots of them–incense and oils, jewelry, candles, soaps, and some really amazing hand-spun ritual cords (I have one wrapped around the Hekate statue on my Greek altar like a gorgeous stole :)). She does work relevant to a wide variety of deities. I’ve always been thrilled with the things I’ve gotten from her shop.


I have a number of this artist’s pieces (on several of my altars!), amazing goddess statues that not only look wonderful but feel amazing in every way. Some are historically inspired by specific works, while others are more generally “goddessy” but they are all beautiful.

Golden Artifacts

Not a pagan shop, but my very pagan shrine has a number of items from here on it. The shop features reproductions of Greek and Roman coins, and they are absolutely beautiful. There are the replica coins themselves, featuring a variety of gods, as well as pendants and other jewelry. One of my favorite things from here is a gorgeous, weighty replica coin with an image of Persephone that sits right next to the goddess’ statue on my altar. 

The Hellenic Handmaid

Nice selection of items useful for the Hellenic pagan, including some hard-to-find incenses, resins and herbs. She even carries storax! I’ve got some of her frankincense and myrrh, which I have to admit I haven’t actually tried to burn because my incense tech isn’t that advanced, but they smell absolutely wonderful.

Shadow of the Sphinx

Beautiful, beautiful god-images! My Egyptian shrine cabinet holds a number of stunning pieces from this shop, and I was and am delighted with each and every one. The pieces are lovely and the shop owner is wonderful to work with. The shop features Egyptian god images and amulets, but does custom work for other pantheons as well. I cannot recommend this shop enough.

If you have any other excellent shops to recommend, please feel free to mention (and link) them in the comments!

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