Greek God Prayer Beads in Stone: For the Gods of Olympus, the Dodecatheon

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This set of prayer beads for the twelve Olympian gods consists of twelve beads, representing the Greek dodecatheon of twelve gods; there are many more than twelve Greek gods, but most cities had their own group of twelve.

While the membership of the dodecatheon did vary, the one we are most familiar with--and the one represented in this set of beads--is that of Athens. Their membership did vary over time; in early days the twelfth seat was held by Hestia, who according to myth later gave her seat to Dionysos in order to sit at the hearthside. As Hestia is such an important goddess, who held such a central role in ancient Greek religion, she is included in this set of beads as well--on the pendant, where she begins and ends the set of prayers.

Joining the string is a pendant representing the dodecatheon: an image of the Parthenon, the great temple of Athena in Athens and a strong surviving symbol of the ancient faith.

Each bead on the string is in a different semiprecious gemstone, to represent a different deity: Hestia (red agate), Zeus (blue goldstone), Hera (sodalite), Poseidon (chrysocolla), Demeter (brown snowflake obsidian), Athena (blue lace agate), Apollo (sunstone), Artemis (moonstone), Ares (carnelian), Aphrodite (rose quartz), Hephaistos (iron pyrite), Hermes (hematite), and Dionysos (amethyst).

It is made with 10mm gemstone beads in multiple stones as described above, separated by silver-toned metal spacer beads, and glass seed beads to provide a comfortable transition from one bead to the next and to make the piece supple, and easy to handle. The string itself is approximately 11" (28cm) in circumference and is designed to be used in prayer and meditation, to decorate an altar or shrine, and/or to adorn a statue. The small size makes it easy to keep on hand in a drawer, a purse, or a pocket.

The beads come with a prayer to the thirteen gods, written specifically to be used with this prayer bead design, and with a cotton muslin bag for storage.

You can, of course, use the beads with any prayers, or for any god or gods, that you choose or that resonate with you.