Prayer Bead Necklace in Hematite for the God Hermes: Greek God of Communication, Commerce, Competition, Diplomacy, Athletics, Travel, and Cleverness

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This set of prayer beads consists of four sets of twelve beads each on the loop, each set separated by a larger bead. Joining the string is an additional bead and a pendant representing the god: a caduceus. The caduceus--the herald's staff carried by Hermes--is often confused with the Rod of Asklepios, god of healers, which is a staff wound round with a single serpent. The caduceus, by contrast, is wound round with two snakes and topped with a set of wings. While the caduceus is frequently used as a symbol of the medical field due to this confusion, it is still an appropriate symbol for Hermes as well.

If you would prefer to use these beads for a healing deity such as Asklepios or Apollo, leave a note saying so and I'll include a prayer to whichever deity you prefer.

It is made with 6mm hematite gemstone beads and silver-toned metal divider beads, separated by silver-toned metal spacer beads, and glass seed beads to provide a comfortable transition from one bead to the next and to make the piece lightweight, supple, and easy to handle. The loop itself is approximately 33" (83.8cm) in circumference. It is designed to be used in prayer and meditation, to decorate an altar or shrine, and/or to adorn a statue.

The beads can also be worn slipped over the head as a necklace. If you plan to wear it, please make sure a 33" (83.8cm) loop will fit easily over your head, as this piece has no clasp (although it can be made with one if desired--please contact me for information on customization!)

The beads come with a prayer to Hermes, and with a cotton muslin bag for storage.

You can, of course, use the beads with any prayers, or for any god or gods, that you choose or that resonate with you.